2023's PROGRAMME - 2024 to come!

THURSDAY 15th JUNE 4.30pm
Lisa Jewell in conversation with Erin Kelly
​Sponsored by SWIM

Lisa Jewell's first book Ralph’s Party was the best-selling debut of 1999, and since then she’s published another 19 novels. Despite initially finding fame as a ‘chick lit’ writer, Lisa confesses to always having been drawn to the darker side of life, and she now writes hugely successful psychological thrillers, outselling John Grisham and Stephen King. She joins Erin Kelly to discuss her latest novel, The Family Remains, and what’s behind her extraordinary evolution as a writer.

THURSDAY 15th JUNE 6.30pm-8pm 
Noir at the Bar (in the Upstairs Bar at the Marine Theatre)
An evening of readings, conversation and laughter with established and emerging crime writers. All welcome and entry is free.

FRIDAY 16th JUNE 10am-11.30am  
Cosy Crime – from Guilty Secret to Top of the Charts
Cosy crime writers have long felt like Cinderella in crime circles, but with the arrival of Richard Osman, that’s all changed. With cosy topping the charts, three writers discuss their genre, and why they’re loud and proud.
Panellists: SJ Bennett, Derek Farrell and Rachel Ward

FRIDAY 16th JUNE 12pm-1.30pm  
Where Past and Present Meet

A eunuch investigator in Ottoman-era Istanbul, a female detective in the heat and dust of 1950s Bombay, and a shell-shocked soldier solving a mystery in the divided Ireland of 1921. Three literary stars take you on a journey into the past, and discuss why historical crime can be a window on the present.
Panellists: Jason Goodwin, Vaseem Khan and William Ryan
Chair: Alec Marsh

FRIDAY 16th JUNE 2.30pm-4pm 
In the Heart of Darkness
Murderers, psychopaths, abductors and serial killers. Crime fiction probes the darkest recesses of the human mind. Join three best-selling authors as they dive into crime’s murky psychological waters and ask whether there’s a line that can’t be crossed.
Panellists: Katerina Diamond, Sam Holland and Alex North
Chair: Fiona Cummins

FRIDAY 16th JUNE 4.30pm-6pm  
Spies like Us – from Fact to Fiction 
Our three panellists – an ex-M16 handler, a film-maker and an undercover journalist – discuss how tapping into personal experience brings grit and authenticity to their compelling novels.
Panellists: Ava Glass, Jack Jewers and Holly Watt
Chair: Greg Mosse

FRIDAY 16th JUNE 6.30pm-8pm  
Deadlier in the Dark
Sponsored by THE GALLEY CAFE
All the evidence points to the rude health of crime fiction. Even in our blackest hours, we turn to stories of darkness and death. Our panel of powerhouses shines a brilliant light on the persistent appeal of murder, mystery and detection.
Panellists: Fiona Cummins, Erin Kelly and CL Taylor
Chair: Sarah Hilary

SATURDAY 17th JUNE 10am-11.30am 
Crime Fiction – a Force for Change?
‘For me, crime fiction was an opportunity to sneak up on readers with social issues, something they won’t go out of their way to seek’, said US crime writer Laura Lipmann. Three writers discuss why crime fiction is a great vehicle for exploring social issues, and even a tool for change.
Panellists: Holly Seddon, Nadine Matheson and Tina Orr Munro
Chair: Ayo Onatade

SATURDAY 17th JUNE 12pm-1.30pm
Too Close for Comfort
Welcome to the neighbourhood, where curtains twitch, walls have ears, and everyone is watching. Our panel guides you through the nightmare of nosy neighbours, buried secrets and family feuds. You'll be glad you moved in.
Panellists: Jane Casey, Sarah Hilary and Olivia Kiernan
Chair: Rachael Blok

SATURDAY 17th JUNE 2.30pm-4pm  
To Plot or Not – the Big Debate
Crime novels and thrillers are known for their intricate plots, compelling characters and killer twists. But how much planning goes into these books before the actual writing begins – and how much is just made up on the hoof? Join our panellists as they discuss the merits of plotting versus 'pantsing', share the times that books were born from a single line, and reveal the tricks that keep their writing fresh, and their readers guessing.
Panellists: Leye Adenle, Neil Broadfoot and Ed James
Chair: Derek Farrell

SATURDAY 17th JUNE 4.30pm-6pm  
Location, Location, Location
At times, the setting of a book – a gritty urban sprawl, close-knit country town or windswept seaside community – can become another character, giving the author and the reader another narrative dimension to explore. Our panellists discuss how they depict the locations in their work, and how these settings sometimes mould the stories they tell.
Panellists: Amen Alonge, Rachael Blok and SE Lynes
Chair: Neil Broadfoot

SATURDAY 17th JUNE 6.30pm-8pm  
Why We Kill

What’s it like to be a murder trial judge and a witness to human good and bad? Wendy Joseph has just stepped down as one of only a handful of judges qualified to preside over murder trials at the Old Bailey. For the first time, she can talk about what it’s really like ruling on life-changing cases. She discusses her book Unlawful Killings, which explores why we kill, what happens in court and what this teaches us about the society we live in.
Speaker: Her Honour Wendy Joseph QC
Chair: Paddy Magrane

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